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i once read...

November 6, 2003

i once read
in an urban dictionary

after you blow your load in a chick's face
you punch her in the nose

and the blood/jizz mix
will look like strawberry cheesecake

this morning
a crow with its left stump declawed told me

you must desire something
to survive

and i thought of body doubles
finite type of people in the world
and the ribbed cock of the pump shotgun

ceramic mugs
pay the utility bill
and a peasant on the side of my tea cup

the mind must work

says the television

look how much you've done
with eggshell and pigment

aside from lacking necessities
society resets capitalism every 100 years

by choosing not to know
you choose to be human

she said
and told me about the junkie
who shot impure blood out of the window
of the room where we once slept

containing 1000 kilograms or 12 people
sex by weight
nature paints the blueprint
and nurtures the key in high-flown words

and i look smug
knowing the value of polyphony
lost in the fractals of grass
and the inevitability of sleep