The Tragedy of Polychromatic Encounters

The tragedy of polychromatic encounters lies in singular deception what have we learned this time tomato rinds coffee grounds strings strange sounds strange metaphors and arrangements for flute on a rhinoceros did not make things easier under the guise of the red-lipped canine overbite what we have absorbed through inverse osmosis of the inner ear is clear times new romance in twelve points rolling joints for the pharaohs times new romans and regimes beyond the wet cycle dry cycle dry run in a reptile's scale what replica resplendent treatise on the treasured no despise the solution to resolving dovetail into mud which buttons to press to suit everyone at hand or randomize and set limits to cringing professionals to which aspirations lead as much as a rotten darkflower craze polyphony to the power of one means matters in percentile tatters in the abbreviated stance for educated medication medificated allocation of crater noses and rubber hoses backs stringent deception means no clear narrative yet as the great en see said some green predicaments do violently rest at any rate to the discourse at the clamouring stake of the stuck and the chainfood mesmerises the messenger radiant cool cliché that can only be caught with an equally persevering wheel to the dogmaid to the stepson to the rigmarole of vocabulification medallionifiration and proliferation of the kingdom of signs and gradation of words cannot be held responsible to the new york gloucester steak to the finest respite in the nine states of hell cannot be tied down to mere abstractions cannot be understood but felt molten shawl to the kingdom's ends to howl like old reservoirs make amends to proceed half a quarter a dissonance to the man stance to the resolution to a rise to the risen developments of the uneducated of those not crawling out of caves for sandboxes and firewalls happy children and foxes playing as one in the number one incest and sodomy of the rest asbestos requirement is crazed but makes ten cents a minute if he understood a thing he wrote or if not he gets the work done anyway for the love of the trade for the thin for the thickness of the revelatory committee that would only gladly stand by the ruins of ole native you es es are ranchers raising their hands in protest no do not start here again do not bother checking looking for your face in the mirror or behind the door it is not there it is in the jar where pee em cee had left it and at the very least celebrify in style make them smile make them say what a crazy guy what a hoot what a coot he must be made of gold because if I looked at him I'd say he was twenty years old but little did they know that the roof fell on the standing of the field commander in chief and his wife did not field the orgasmic expontification of easily invented words and the cavalry on mishima range does not recede and intercede to the recoil of the respective angles to the refracted vernacular of the beast that is a boredom in the political sense of the word respect robot lover replacement mechanism has not taken root in the old implantation discrepancy I know where we began to the rock stinking stark maddening purple skies with a travesty of a chain lighted by the bathroom mirror realising you are a summary of the sky in shorthand well prepared for the coles notes edition to the penis of god you reek of the nineteen something or the other squared in the top graduating curve of the radical semester approach path landings lights liquorish licking the tongue of a passerby closely resembles the trainwreck that you keep hearing about at the end of the world discovery of when to stop when to slap when to say hello my name is mary and I like flowery dresses and my name is harry and I am a transgressor of liberty I am a nail in a ruffian's coffin I am a hippie parade of the top forty wanted bands I am the biggest rusted malevolent that a nightmare has ever rode away from home long enough to be raped by a popular television show and be left for dead what have we learned today how to clear the path how to light the way how to respond to criticism how to bow the head play living loving livid how to play dead how to play life how to retreat into shells that will be sold to tourist in a bunch by shelley who is richard in a dress what a mess we made with a required step in the right direction well at the very least there was a predilection a preference a dissonance of disrobing birds of prey but hey we all came to the light we tasted the rum of the buttons we clicked around the site of the explosive mountains we rode the desperate tigersome hills we rocked and rollicked all yestermorning sin and festered and cloistered in the readymade bandage of staff of distinction of merit in what is a woman man elephant carpet in salvo in readiness there is safety in safety there is a trigger that we all pull for so eager no I sincerely hope I haven't missed an essential part of the process because now time is all and the reciprocation of double space budget cuts and animal ruts in the recoil of servility does not match the pants and we will have to concede to compassion in a world where no one is sober enough to litter understands thank god.