Exercise in Futility

To Paul

ah dear friend
sarcasm is a white bowtie
when i am faced with duty
 to explain
why dovehooks retail for buttertails

pause for illicit crazed virtual sex
relay to the pop culture tyrannosaurus rex
relax for a while
  pop a chocolate
shudder a smile

anyway ok back to this
no reading is a waste of time
writing is even worse
  fruitfly suicide
instead imagine



glory tempered in sunsets

righteous anger ringing on the riff
clean climbing rock to the bottom line
drawer to the disintegration of belief
drawing to the realisation of the real

readiness in paranoid reluctant relief
that you are not understood


it does not end
switch the earth poles
pretend lewd ludicrous roles
  cast sand to storm and slide dawn to night
black out the moon and retell the weather

april is the cruelest month
prince albert in a can paper moon
a bundle of twigs sticks or branches twist tied together
  origin unknown
the aftertaste of tap water

strikes when a virus wrote me a poem
in the bell and hovel on carnaby street
cast call one eight hundred jars at your feet
does this thing suck or blow

mordagaloo hover close to the earth
tired but satisfied
error penis too long
torch song turned to the wind

why does safeway lock up carts
and what do politicians sleep

in the remote pause of recycled tamale malaise
overshadowed by quick and germane
exact audio copy