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taking out the garbage
in my short sex shorts
t shirt
minus four degrees centigrade what is bucolic acid
 fluently stepped inside into the unreal
tick warm wait

three am
three hours later
water froze in the lock
 froze in the hose at eight
scouring the turtle's quiet palace
forgetting what little johnny in new york remembered to ask
flask shower beer

sometime seven hours ago
outside on illicit nourishment run
cash to the temporary
  gunmetal raining white
snow turns the light upwards and lights
eerily what i've missed through the day

sometime twenty four hours later
put my affairs in order and
went in for a hurly burly à la carte
  disillusioned with ja'wol kommandant
and the metallurgy of alcohol
rode home a shark's fin under the wiper blades

ready for despondence to offset the metering
prepared to sink into dark combinations of navy blue
when yanked from within a point of a thread
  to win ten thousand card games in a row
lose some drink some and win again
singing to ex presidents from the rafter