To be denied the admittance of love
To be despised far from above
To lively rise and lonesome set,
And to the unforgiving night

And to the unforgiving time
And to the unrelenting space
And once you've lost your place,
You've lost all touch

To be denied the strength of self absorption
To be, despite, against retentive past,
To realise one's weakness and persevere and falter
Regarding the above, aforementioned

I long I lust I trust
In lust I trust,
In everything else
Demands a blind respect

Forget forget forget
Remember, deceive your ears; sex sex sex
In stoppered fluid grace; And laugh
(I hope I see you soon) there, in my place

And do you even know what listening, I am
And can you even understand the miss
I bet you sit there picking my words
Into fishtails

That bastard thinks I was unfaithful
Or somesuch crap; Funny, but simplicity no more
Stop with the fingerpointing insanity
And grow a potted plant

It will teach you a lot about
Things like filtering love through reason
But I am sure you don't remember that as well
Smile, sag, and go take out the dishes

[ Out of the dishwasher
[ Out from a toothy smile
[ Out of a respite from revulsion
[ Out out out

To be denied the admittance of lust
To be despised through the remittance of trust
You are falling away
You are falling apart

But you never
Will know
What I meant
In my heart