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radical liquefaction techniques...

July 7, 2004

radical liquefaction techniques assist in the dissolution of carl hula and cock hooks traffic christian looped evergreen eltonian elves suck each other's propositions through long plastic strawberries and bicycle nipple creamatorium triumphs over pedagogic priest hoodlums for what high school of crush knowledge should i despair and despend the clutches of hairy naked pedlars have i will set out a pattern for change and sexophone is not available in canada and the batteries are on your back i must fish this way without a recollection of early afternoon sickness i must worry the worm in me in the morning crushed sexuality on dogma and green blinding grass oh how to find an approach or to ventilate responsibility two indeed parking fees are in effect in this park every bear deer and elk pay two twenty five to park their fat candy ass on the gravel get out of their skin take a rowboat in the lake singing of their tribal desolation and in the evening eat schools of flying fish