you have to do things in stages

To Paul

first you've got to be a slacker extraordinaire
misunderstood genius with a b+ in his pocket
live off your parents
feel guilty
and write forlorn post industrial post existential post
postmodern poetry that no one would publish
but the occasional girl would say
is "deep" but she probably didn't get it
go to class
write essays starting from three in the morning
hate daylight
then eventually get your diploma get your job get your
cubbyhole put your dreams in soft cushions of lies
where they'll die comfortably
punch in and
punch out
and when you punch out for the last time that's when
you start having fun because you know that now it's on
and the timer is going
and you're free as a child with key words like
wine free time and have i told you that already
there is some little respect out of social politesse there is
less money but you were never in it for the money
or so you would like to think
remember to have many kids so when they have to share your
infamy or your debts they won't be pissed off at you
as much
finally you get to do all the fun stuff on your deathbed
now you'll have the legitimate pride of knowing that
people will come in throngs to your funeral
if there is anyone left by that time
and they'll miss you so much
too bad you won't be there
but it's been a blast anyway
oh and remember to write a long will
to make people do stupid stuff
to remember you