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February 2, 2005

I was late to my bus e-mailing stuff
To Klippy, and so I waited there,
Becoming pissed and snippy. Then I have
Realised that I forgot my lunch; I
Then ran back to grab it, shouted "thanks a bunch!"

Then, after yet one more half hour, the bus
Dragged in its sorry ass. I looked at sixty
Seventh all dug up, the restaurant nearby,
Restored after a fire; I let it
Go. Then I was late for yet another bus.

I caught the next one, but alas, a quarter
Hour has elapsed since I have left its
Warm embrace; I left its metal at a
Run, and ran to class to take my place, when
Panicked fire alarms began to blare.

Then we were herded down the stairs, and surely,
Had we, with no care, walked with real fire
In our midst, we would have burnt then to a
Crisp. No matter; 'midst the bustle and the
Racket, I broke the zipper on my jacket.

At any rate, then, in a scramble, a
Lookalike of Gordon Campbell announced
The four-oh-eight will go on forty-ninth
Since, as you eas'ly guessed, some dumb-ass driver
Downed a pow'r wire on Boulevard the West.

I finally arrived at home to study
From lofty tomes the magicks of an
Earthly science; alas, the gods did help
Me not in this endeavour, conspired they
My internet connection then to sever

My god, what evil predilections had
They to confound my state: release, renew,
Reset - all was too late! At nearly two
AM I figured out the curse and tried
Updating router's firmware—luck reversed!

It turned out that those lazy Telus fuckers
Have failed to tell the people to update
Their shitty routers, which would then conflict
Through DHCP each IP address,
Would freeze, would fail, would simply cut access.

I, having that resolved, reviewed that science
Of the earth, and satisfied, tired as
Hell I went to sleep with my sweet belle,
Rei, in the heavens, looking down with eyes
Of peace with no trace of dismay, while I,

Lulled softly by her gaze, dreamt of the ways
In which I'll rhyme tomorrow what I've done today.