a lifetime supply of something to say

To Adrian Mancuso

dust remover toilet cleaner bleach all purpose dust remover bird nozzlespray bikelock bird knock windowsill premonition broken glass and bird shit everywhere

we move through the crowd like salt sinking in water is the most essential component of life one fifty a bottle water water inexorably compares itself to gasoline drives amniotic mnemosyne towards adriatic tangrams tangible tangrams terrible tangrams per gram

come on mate come in man come on the man is the dog's best friend to a limited extent perforce need be man bites dog man bites horse in bitesize bone marrow commune on a temporal reserve for a universal unreserved man man with a plan man at arms and man at length forever the terrible burden of man man of reason and man of innocence

dust remover toilet cleaner bleach all purpose dust remover and the removal of water from the surface of the earth through the disintegration and reintegration of thought molecules and the pain of the umbilical departure is cut out of my side and stitched back together with fears but what you don't know is that the dust removal spray contains a contiguous continuation for the flesh one atom at a time more or less foot pain and the transformation of smoke into air and breath from the heart to heat that was never there to begin with

to realise that dust removal is
the purpose of all sentient life
that cleaning toilets is task fit for a king

membranal applejuice and tenderness
in eyes of wary parakeets is not
enough to make the trains arrive on time

enough to recreate a spurned emotion
enough to understand the flow of rhyme
or move the mountains back into the ocean

to understand the cause of lust
and write great poetry on how the breath of light
turns ash to innocence and dusk to dust

dust remover bottle and a dash of toilet cleaner bleach and vodka in the end then some ash in the beginning and the dust is ever settling and the moon is always rising but the scenes of pithy mornings aren't enough to realise that

table courtesy displeasure tiredness annoyance leather acrobatic disappointment semiotics crowned anoitment recitation resolution paper plastic air pollution white noise grey noise masturbation spelling biddle elevation digitising anaesthetic anagram telepathetic rondo barfly registration mennonite salt arbitration denny's ligature alignment testament abrupt confinement alea ends torque emission doppelganger intermission abu dhabi telegraphic penusoidal steeped edaphic modulation restitution power knowledge prostitution ignorance bells temporary absolution big twice dairy omnibus temptation music loss cream banister art musing menopause sex crocodile menstruation mantis dial tertiary aggravation penis pen assimilation aggrandisement toes ablation banister abomination desperate triangle dolly manufactured melancholy readiness alleviation consternation explanation

for the time and the time to reason
why the hive is like the mind
and the mind like prison

can the ant eat the world
can the bird flap its wings
can the sun fade and the wind still minds

can the train track run
can the passport pass
can i lose my mind in the blue sky