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September 1, 2006

changing from train to train
i approach it
too big to be seen now

rising on rocky paths
i say good day
to those going on down

on the steep slopes
of dark fujiyama
i see the stars

i reach a shut down camp
higher than clouds
in desolate darkness

square of light in darkness
i knock on door
a man opens to me

a man has food
i bring stories and gifts
for this man's warmth

man does not know himself
until listens
then he forgets himself

two men listen closely
two men speak carefully

when one man leaves
one man remains behind
to light the way

from the steep dark slopes of
i call out to the sky

descending back on paths
i say evening
to those going on up

changing my words
for light for my trip back
myself changing

on a steep mountain road
i hitch a ride
on the mountain's roadside

seven youths drive me back
into the town
laughing in their strange tongues

many trains change
i retreat from mountain
much too small now