As almost always, animal agony apparatus ate all ass, and ate away at ache—above, and after, about; and, as am are, am are at an an: "Aaa." Bare bottom'd beauty burns bush; ball'd buttboys beg back blowbutton between breast, bra, bite breath by body, but be behind bellybag. Cook can come, convulse, can crave, caress clit, could come: cheek, creamy candy canal. Crack did do drunk, dirty dog, drinking deadly, delicious dress drip, enter every empty embrace, explode, eat enormous, exquisite ecstasy, fondle, feel feet fly from frantic, feathery fill-finger, foot-full face. Flick fast; find flower full for fierce, firey fever, flickered - fat, funnest. Give, gimme golden genital goo, glistening; get gentle girl grinding gush. How her hot hair has her heavy humphole here; he, his head, his hand, have him hard; he - her; her - his half. "…if I inside, if I is in it, if I is in…" Jiggles jelly jobjoy juicer: knob know kiss. Let luscious labia liquid (love lava) lick lip like love lap, like lusty, languid leg, like little love language let. Make madman mount me mound, moan, murmur "More milky mouthful…must make me musk myself…my, my, my…" "Need night nude: nasty, nipple-naked nun, nightly; never 'No.'" Only out of our on/of or, or of overorgasming: please pound perfectly pink pussy, pump private pubic pudding, plunge passion pole, peek, put probe, place pendulous pant penis, put penetrated pleasure part. Purr, relax, rub raw, rock-ready, red, rubber ram-rod rim. Soak, spread, shave, suck smooth slit; stick, shove, spank some sweet, sweaty sex. Spray slick shower skin; scream; see soft, swollen shaft slide, shudder, smear, stroke, sit; show sex-sizzle spot; shoot, satisfy; say so she swallows sack spurt shot. This tongue tip tastes tight tit throb, tremble through tremendously thick toe (though they take that top-thigh torrent tease too, then) to the…to the "up" urge, until violent velvet vagina were/was. When we would wave, who will whisper, will wail: "Why, with wild, wet want, we worship warm woman wiggle?" Yes, you, your, your, your, your & you yourself: zip!