big bang theory

everything begins
with a woman's love

for example

if a woman is in
she will let you
have sex with her
or if she thinks
she is in love
or if she has
no choice

but you get
my point

everything hinges
on sex

for example

but sex is a zen art
requiring a b.a.
in woman 101
with preference given
to ph.d.s and m.a.s
with two practicums
three years apart
and a urine sample

but you get
my point

everything depends
on distance

for example

the distance
between you
and i
between my
and the world
between woman
and man

and woman
and woman
as a man
and the real man
man verité
standing alone
between the couples

and the scenery
feeling unreal
between heaven
and earth
between concrete
and steel
between day
and night

and work
and rest
between trying
to get lost
and trying
to get high
between a drink
and between sex

and the little
red lights
on the building
don't come near me
oh god don't stop

between sex on t.v.
and sex in my pants
between angry letters
and self righteous rants
between us and distance
and love and art
between alcohol
and insomnia's vex

but you get
my point
everything begins
with a woman's love
and hinges
on sex