the vernal equinox

To My Penis

having despaired of honest verse
the poet thinks of love lost
and of the phrase neither rhyme nor reason
turning his hungry being to prison

for cheap rhyme and half rhyme
and lines mean and terse
and thus

having despaired of pleasure
the poet thinks of his life in reverse
the poet thinks of his first masturbation
and his fear that his cum

might run out forever
through his tight blue jeans
the poet thinks of gender

having despaired of honest and clever
dressed as the infinitive clause in feathers
he hands out song and dance as allotted
receiving signals from mars and venus

he savours the taste of furtive tragic hotness
and explains at length
when the pen is it isn't

with his common sense and opinions wasted
he lubricates thickly racks and pinions
rising and falling with the photocopier's rhythm
the poet tastes taut morningbird quickness

copying minutes and hours and moments
jealous of the coffee machine's sly grin
the poet begins and stops to report

kopie ga kanryo shimashita
despairing of a courtesy copy world
the poet prays to the leaf and the bird
teeth crumbling to dust from glass fruit

but he chooses words and thinks of love first
his long thought's ends dead at the root
and he writes

having despaired of honest verse