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tha kat nap rap

March 5, 2007
To Kat

yo, listen up homies
let me break it on down
for you niggaz and hos
all runnin' around

there's a new mack momma
now in the know
in the M-A-T-S
to tha U-M-O-T-O

they call 'er kittykat
but, yo, don't be saprised
if she mack your ass down
and smacks you right between the eyes

she's phat (but ain't fat)
and she puts down tha hammer
if you don't shut yo' mouth
she gonna teach you some grammar

when you rollin' in the 'hood
hearin' mad rhyme phonics
she be bitchin' in the kitchen
rollin' the chronic

she knows her mac ten
like all her ABCs
she's got side to side
to all the sucka MCs

so, yo, let's let 'er sleep
her katwoman nap
and go out and bust a nut
to the kat nap rap