Found Poem VIII or SuperTots 1

"One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight!"

Beth, Chip walk, run, jump, slide down the slide, play on the seesaw, swing on the swings, play in the sandbox: sandcasle, shovel, pail.

Pencil, crayon color the monkey book paper, paint the cat, cut out the mouse; black cat, white mouse, yellow dog, brown monkey, candle, ball, teddy bear, panda, train, monster.

Beth: "Take out the train, baby brother."

Chip: "Take off your shorts, give a present, baby sister."

Beth: "Take the present: t-shirt, skirt, shorts."

Chip: "Take off your shoes, socks. Put your arms up. Put your arms down. Bend. Stretch. Present blue nose, green eyes, head: red mouth, ears; legs, tummy."

Beth: "Stop, Chip! Put down the monster. Put away the train. Put on your t-shirt. Put on your socks, brother."

Chip: "Pick up the monster, sister. Drink the juice."

Glue on the eyes, Beth, Chip milk cake, juice, cookies, hug daddy Peter, kiss mommy Toni, say "Goodnight, Sammy Kitten," get in bed.