Found Poem IX or requiem for eiken 5

Good morning, everyone. Let's start today's English lesson. Please open your lunchboxes.

A: Where is Nancy?
B: She's having in her room now.
A: It's ten o'clock, Jimmy. Do to bed.
B: All right, Mom.
A: I want a mouth of tea, please, Mom.
B: Here you are, Tom.
A: Do you like bread, Helen?
B: Yes, I like apples.
A: Is this Harry's telephone?
B: No, it's me.
A: Do you like animals?
B: Yes, I do. I meet two dogs.
A: Can I cry my hands?
B: Of course. The bathroom is over there.

My mother often teaches tulips at the flower shop.

Boy: Dad, this is my friend, George.
Father: Good idea, George.
Girl: Dad, this is my friend Patty.
Father: Good idea, Patty.
Boy: What are you cooking, Mom?
Mother: A cookbook.
Girl: Where's my phone?
Father: It's pink.
Mother: Do you want milk or apple juice?
Boy: Goodbye.
Father: How many classes do you have today?
Girl: A blackboard.
Mother: Tom, where is your house?
Boy: Hot dogs!

My mother plays the piano very large.

Boy 1: Do you like English?
Boy 2: You're fine.
Boy 1: What sports do you like?
Boy 2: At the park.

Girl: My mother is a teacher. What does your mother do?
Boy: She is pretty.
Boy: I like chocolate. How old are you?
Girl: Me, too.
Boy: Whose jacket is this, Emily?
Girl: I am.
Boy: Bye, Sue. Have a nice day.
Girl: It's not here.
Girl: What do you do on weekends, Bob?
Boy: Good idea.
Girl: Bye, Mike.
Boy: You're welcome.

Girl 1: Where is your brother, Hiroko?
Girl 2: He's good.

This jacket is too happy. I want a big one.

Man: Do you want fish or chicken tonight, Judy?
Woman: In the kitchen.
Man: What time is the next bus?
Woman: Yes, we are.
Man: Excuse me. What time is it now?
Woman: You're OK, but I don't know.