independence from belgium

To Błażej Krukowski

not tonight josephine
says the polar bear
to the submarine

not today by a nose
says the pumpkin
to the garden hose

and all the pink cocks and breasts
all at once chime in
tomorrow's not best

under the desk
the pant leg to the toes
says with a smirk bit o' poker s'pose

whether the answer is C or fuck
the square root of two
is quite overrated

so forget who is cosinuous
to whom and how
lest you by vin veritas be inundated

then again it's the best of times
when the twisting of tongues
can be cut with a jagged knife into rhymes

and the very next morning
dressed like a russian cadaver
a bear submarine on a sweaty lap

you will come to your senses
and say tonight josephine
or else just simply shut up