A Eulogy for Blazej's 802.11g Wireless PCI Card

His name was ASMAX PCI 411G.
We did not know him well
and only saw him in passing,
as he showed us his RMC chipset.
At times he would mumble
under his breath: "RTL8185L
5C187S1 L613D," and, even though
we never knew what he meant
we thought that he was longing
for Taiwan, where he was born.
When he passed away, we found his
Last Will and Testament
by his side, and it said:
"M01-WPG25-E10 and LWE 88 94V-0."
Thus, our friend ASMAX PCI 411G
will be remembered as he lived:
0624 bottom and T14 in the middle
of the board. Let us now hear his
serial number, for though he had
a standard FCC ID of MQ4WPG2500,
his serial number, WP67003800,
will always remain unique.
Thus speaks part 15 of the
FCC rules. Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust. Amen.