one day in the life of mikhail gregorievich

amount to a scream  con
versations lo
st  groans  accusati

ons in the head  be
atlemania  broken memo
ry  bedsheets  and dea

th apparatus  paul's n
ew hobby is hanging him
self  every ni

ght on the eighteenth let
ter of the tetragramma
ton  oil barrel si

gns and panda sui
cide poems  mikhail gregori
evich takes the bus down

town  notes mis
ter deadly do right  yo
u will never k

now  he thinks  as h
e talks to the men  wit
h the long arms  moving t

he irregular verb
s  losing patience  is
losing conscious

ness  without gui
le to the climax o
f celestial syzy

gy forgetting how to ea
t and talk  he wakes u
p  alarm clock tant