They Don't Write Like This Anymore

You complete me in ways heretofore unimaginable,
you're the meat in my fleshy stew
and the stewardess to my every need
and the fuck to my every you
you're the alpha to my romeo
and the dot to my every line
you're the jerk to my every shudder
every shiver running through my spine
you're the warmth of a pillow comfortable
and the cold of a wintry breeze
you're a lick to every deliciousness
and the thank you to every please
you're the enemy of every grammarian
and the funnest lover of grass
and you fill all the world with a radiance
though it stares at your eyes, hips, and ass
you are goddess to every animal
and a mistress to each bug and tree
you command the shadows and night and day
but, alas, you are not here with me
you complete me in ways heretofore unimaginable
in my stew you are meat and bone
but it's time now to wrap up this little song
for it's sad to be singing alone.