the mind wanders

watching the blind
man  tell the time
to the handicapped
asshole at the bus
stop his chair arm
rest on empty i th
ink about how wome
n require preparat
ion  hours of tend
erising and spices
but  in the end it
's all  for others
to enjoy   i think
watching the angry
wizened bowie look
alike run  after t
he  number sixteen
that doesn't  stop
for him and when t
hey enjoy themselv
es  can they taste
the feast they pre
pared  for  others
a thousand times o
r is the preparati
on wasted  on thei
r selves  it's muc
h easier   i think
taking my seat  on
the bus  if you wa
nt to have a man s
imply pluck one fr
om the shelf  nuke
him  for a few min
utes  poke him wit
h a fork when he's
done and then have
your fun  making s
ure the egg whites
don't run watching
all the girls  and
the leather star s
till angry at some
thing who pulls of
f being sexy  some
how without trying
in that ugly  kind
of way