worship the lotos

Inspired by B.R.

everywhere the sign is set
and everywhere
the sign is imparted
sign unified and sign equivocal
sigh sign sign
and sign obfuscated

the first part
yawns of men on busses
the movement of others' pens
(and other yawns
down the white of your thigh

motion and ease
reaching into lifedeath
and taxes
reaches the slithering end
reaches a point as flat as feet
and worships the lotos

the second part
dreams of future homes and graves
gray hair and emptyheaded eloquence
and empty hands
how long ago

had the crows eaten your guts
the legs dissolved
in an incongruous cacophony of verb
and still is! was! will!
and worship
worship the lotos

the third part
in the meanings of phrases
why use an adjective
when you can use a door
why use a comma

use a sledgehammer
forget pages and text
forgetting to set the sign
(if only
to be remembered

the car says vroom
the cow says myuuu?
the cock says cockle dee doo
and beyond
stretches the hand
belittled by time

above all things
the thoughts run run run
smash heads
evolve beyond comprehension

and a little below
flies the flag of the temple
of my voice where i
sweaty and tired
on a bus
worship the lotos