transcendentalist effervescence

in the end words cost nothing only the value which we attach to the cost of words added and multiplied integrated with the tax value of the soul somehow or somewhat defined in derogatory impulses of transition summarised and set in stone but never understood never before set in such absolute terms the possibility of entropy seems so near that you can taste it touch it above all things recognise the inevitable fact of your own destruction redefine your terms again reinterpret and formulate a new position on pretzel sales at fifty nine cents a pound the accuracy level drops that is the true problem of the pursuit of accuracy and of the loss of true energy as the soul without transmogrifying simply disappears into the truly unmanageable unknown potential unrealised losses unadmitted differences between the first and the last unreconciled boundaries between the worst and the best you proceed from one to the other from one to the other and from the other to one what transforms an experience is not an expectation thereof although it certainly seems that this is the way the world turns the problem at hand is the trance of motion the transformation contained within all the transformation which rules all and controls all and even defines our maniacal attitude to retrofitting of the soul you call that a band that is absolute inanity the song sets in and i decide to wait the correct amount time and then go up to the front and say no thanks not now you can take it back