off the coast of portland

off the coast of portland
there is a place called
cape disappointment

go ahead
look it up
I'll wait

don't worry about it
i'd doubt myself too
in this age of lies

headphones  endless legs
telephone lines  the
world comes to an end

how many
times do you
need to

go around it  call it
quits  put away the
cock hang up the tits

who lives at the cape
poets  desperate toe
to nape  women

who have bo
dies they can
not use

and men who have neither
we don't pick and choose
we're not as fancy

here  as cape cana
veral  or cape cod
but  just take a lis

ten  how
ever so

odd (canonical pea
pod  syphilitic
vampires insane mo

ments  broken homes
and last  but not least of
the beasts  the unfinished