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candid apparition...

March 11, 2009

candid apparition the inability to see or apprehend the burning eyes the throat the neck the testing chamber of all things known to man noted and unnoted made and unmade in the beard the colloquial beard of poets and moustache lumberjacks who like to eat flesh with their eyes who like to consume and absorb steam and steamy typesetting sodomy q.e.d. encyclopaedia rex is coming here stopping short of the couch circling the wagons firing at the wagons eatings flasks and pouring the beer out o texas texas texas texas texas texas zimbabwean tombstone to intransitive telecomm bully of zebra and emu where have you hidden you basket case you asinine megalomaniac rain cats and dogs and doggystyle cations and cautionary doggerels and mathematical union and chemical disunity and the presence of eating and the everlasting lack of swallowing licking your lips and asking for more ice please on the double when will you learn to cube the earth into parcels when the sky falls