the poet rears his ugly head

Inspired by David Thiessen

fallen from grace
(who helps me get back on the gurney
near the ceiling i see
spelled out in letters and lights
east eden central

I feel my wisdom
tooth with the tip of my tongue
it's all still there
you shouldn't move  grace tells me
so i think about the woman I saw
when they wheeled me in

I cry for you  she shouted
shaking a pale fist
and back in the E.R. i smirk
I too am forgetting how to speak
but that was months ago  back home

I'm drinking milk
out of a square carton
thinking of warm mammaries
taking apart each poem  mug in hand
i crucify the verse

before breakfast

before i wake up
mind is a mush of nonsense
"I too want to blow up the prime meridian
eenee meenee leaves of grass
(eighteen fifty-five when suddenly you
spring from my head  fully armed

back at the hospital  on the gurney
grace (or was her name mary
is pressing her soft warmth
into my chest  and suddenly
I realize how much i want to write