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gnida erfo ekase htrof gnit irw

May 19, 2006

writing for the sake of reading for the sake of writing for the sake of saké maybe I'm glad that the seams of this habitating/suffrage horror would fall apart & the leaves would flutter liberated & free as dada poetry as dada poets do poetry poetically recursive humour -  not funny man academic, not funny and i'm using punctuation now punctuation is using by me but not by me because the names of the street do not reflect the trees or the sky or the literature because the sky is a cross sectioned trap & the literature is a cross sectioned trap & letters & references & more bullshit why do I why is this necessary i am in the wrong place because i am of this world & the theory making it is not of this world so i am in the right place but the place is terribly wrong; the clown dances in paper shoes and & the ampersand making Cappelbaum feels so small that he does want to disappear & become the rainbow trout, the most beautiful fish in the ocean, but not this this is green tree nonsense because i am not here mechanics mechanics me chanics me me me me me me me me mechanics what is me to it (I) is prose to prosaic & the passaic & = ginsberg only wishing to be enclosed & the now of the now now now now now titles offshelves &&& the need to fill the page because the page is too small & too small & two ideas are too big (&& = there &/not/there/& not there who will come to the fore front of the meticulous green nonsense of the radically motivated trees trees trees bibliographical shoplifting & this bullshit because I will die & the goddamn trout will still be there.