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pièces de monnaie sur yeux andalous

May 21, 2006

the re:putation of crows & speech & suchlike & the terrible notion of inevitablity & life created by a few shellfish jerks of the hand;cum & cum & cum/come warmth or t(h)rust or whicever there ever was/her hand/his hand & this is the way the text runs;written before my b.s. & before & before why should ¿I be up/set now if all my failings were meant to mean me & therefore for every man 1 (one) man is meant to be hypotactical, where i whored myself to tender in tension & intention & insertion, where i moved over the waters like a god or go perhaps with an omitted o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o ooh wail that he sings to me in one ear && in the other straight speech  en/gaging in tender lamination (year 3 or f/our or 24 or 52 or X (dead in shorthand) jerusalem shines mouse blake: b-lake, a-lake or c-lake shiver i swim in all three wagging my flagellum eye am/m the father spirit & fuck up son 1 (one) to the black end-point needlepoint penpoint pinpoint pins down terrible understandings of the flesh-create life cre/ate cronos text, life, text-life & life as text that does not allow humility because the eye cannot de]fend against text again(st that which I do not control & ll to that ∴ does it not sound interesting that tue (who neglected the male & female & hanging gardens of luxembourg & small squares of life & the lie that permanence is all things must make me strong & (all things) must pass/t & to X in good time & in good hell/th in good time to live & in that, realising who terrifyingly wrote "I never am" resolved into the dust & penetrated the stained glass windows of the earther citadel & she sleeps & I write & call it good & all was love.