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at the art gallery

August 2, 2011

To Kevin McGuirk

mystical distributing company
prison hulks in portsmouth harbour

willie cole's work animal
the artist asks to be put inside another

moose hide  car fenders chest freezer steel
frigidaire gallery pointro

the potentiality of the disassembled barricades
how they dance

how they guard the third remove

frank geary  jean paul riopelle
chevreuse  kenneth keith & the yellow scarf

constructing and marketing canada
paul peel the little shepherdess

florence carlyle's the tiff
play splinter cell at the art gallery

kent monkman's academy
archile gorky (godfather of abstract prex

i lay my canvas on the floor to paint it

I shake my head at sian who came
to sketch the second remove

i am in thrall  no
I will not buy the jackson pollock box