mein klein żidek

the sparkling tone of quintessential pederasty
causes the porn starlet to ejaculate at her tormentors
between being fucked in the mouth and ass
"we built your railroads you mother fuckers

she never listens to her own voice
corsair topos the lord of the flies dance
stiff as a board light as a feather
the divide between theory and practice of chastity dictates

i was trailer trash once too
between ninety four and ninety six
why are you trying to combine bokkun and gukkake
readers and cretins

leanto trice capitalize the eye a womoan's place
bedraggled cinerama
the must of bloodletting
epithetic incest is best

bull puncher angiogram facefuck
turn autocorrect back on when you're finished
costume jewelry (jewry
the byword you threw out the window

le vagin a turning post
cum as thick as cream cheese
like bleeding and hysterectomies
black catface (fuckface

exterior day shakeroof not yet riven (driven
indians running amuck among les sylphides
j'accuse soulful titfucking and taking the airs to market
small caps up the asshole japanned boxes all lacquer and glaze

bestial biblical passages!
histrionic bachelor halls (howls!
i know your number!
i peel your pain!

radium hands in darkness mature german amateur
wash before touching food brushing or flossing teeth
a diaper blowing your nose coughing or sneezing
handling garbage touching a wound

a folder on his hard drive was titled "use this
touching contact lenses after kill creativity with potassium
being near a sick person using the toilet
changing it all to the intangible anyway