Found Poem XVII or Activities

sleeping with wolves, fearing death, waking up in a cold sweat, avoiding gangrene, showering without clothes, eating dry noodles, working hard for my money, chasing midgets, fighting management, loving the penis, hating the world, caring for testicles, despairing of existence, writing words, chastising heathens, counting syllables, drawing crude caricatures, gluing paper to paper, coding webpages, making ars gratia artis, watching the window, listening to time, masturbating furiously, drinking red wine, supplying opiates to masses, drinking beer, doubting self, getting drunk, making lists, hoping for speedy resolutions, dreaming of mountains, haunting europe, supplying demand, composing euphemisms, making up mind, crying salty tears, cursing fate, assigning homework, jumping on bandwagons, sweating, not recycling, arguing, having nightmares, playing with the thermostat at work, delaying the inevitable, downloading files, reformatting hard drives, making quizzes, fighting for seats on the seabus, arguing about minutiae, arguing about paycheques, drinking beer, looking for work, writing lesson plans, bleeding rectally, carousing, painting the town red, painting "it" black, surfing for pr0n with the images off, duplicating, collating, stapling, invoicing, rejoicing, bracing myself, lecturing, antagonising the bus driver, hunting computer viruses, screwing around, writing lesson plans, returning merchandise, battling for dominance, drawing demarcation lines, asking for raises