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digunies II: faec rep

August 1, 2004

1: but why start there? why scare the audience? why the porno breaks? he...hey! eyes here.
M: starting anywhere he spread out her slowly disintegrating wings of black slick
1: i mean, it didn't work back in ninety nine, two thousand, what was that? why now? is one medium...three four mediums not enough for you? hey!
M: stolidly stultifying paralysis of the coke marrow he believed in the intrinsic solidity of words he did not know
1: alright, man, just don't drag me back into that weird chanting shit, k? seriously, that just wasn't...cool, man...not cool.
M: suddenly stoic semaphore separated satisfaction saran wrapped solid liquified fuck aeligature aces 10-4 do you copy COPY copt cop copy copy? copy?
1: so anyways, i went down to central control, had a word with the guys, they say it's ok, it's just the eqipment is overheating, you gotta give it some downtime, you know, like, get 2 to replace me in//;. yeah see this is exactly what i'm talking about, anyways, get him to drag his ass down here in five to replace me, i'm going to disconnect
M: so i said to her buy why to that dildoishmael shapa and the eau fit on the end like a lac d'oil reservoir tip black sweat and oversize spermatozoa on the zzzA/a adidas something else short sex shoxts
1: 2's here, i'm the hell out of here man, there's some sort of film review you were going do do? shall i get start...oh ok, yeah, i'll get the pics and i'll let you know; what time are you here until? seven eightish and then until two, yeah ok, transfuse me through the solid deevx radio two hours—ciao
2: yo!
M: teeeeeeeedium tasmanian tasses to the transfiguration of the tassels on the bootcock; FETCH ME A MOTHERFUCKING LOCK OF PAD rat tat tad and bring me a wall in hole in one, gloriously, AND DON'T SKIMP ON THE POTATO PEELS, you fucking half-jew, yeah, fucking babana applecore me shungedada statisfactory DOUUUUUUBLE PLAAACE de mon t re al real re Al read moth a f uck a read spauses i nbe twins the aina and BE CONTENT.pediod nine
2: whoa; i will try, but masta' M, what cau?
M: tion negative charged alloy found in then amiedel of bloodh FETCH ME THE kanicht phonetically, eye eat veal murDA the incredibabel mah sheen