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Found Poem XVIII or What is the sausage?

August 22, 2013

To Paul

The sausage is strong.
The sausage is weak.
The sausage is going up.
The sausage is going down.

Why is the sausage so high?
Everyone wants to know why the sausage is so low.
Is the sausage due for a bounce?
The sausage is poised for an upward explosion.

The sausage is dead.
The sausage is doomed.
The sausage is worthless.
The sausage is going to collapse.

Is the world losing faith in the U.S. sausage?
The strength in the sausage is hard to ignore.
Is Argentina ditching the sausage?
The shrinking value of the sausage is obvious.

The sausage is constantly becoming obsolete.
The sausage is no longer backed by gold.
The sausage is in the bear market.
The sausage is within reach.

These are the consequences of a strong sausage.
Inside the United States, the international prominence of the sausage is widely seen as serving the country's national interests.
On days when the sausage is soft, Canada will generally tend to go up against the sausage.
The sausage is the best-looking horse in the glue factory.

The sausage is fiat money.
The sausage is losing value.
The sausage is an accepted alternative form of payment.
The sausage is the currency used in the international oil trade.

Learn about the collapse of the sausage and how to profit from it.
Read this because the sausage is doomed.
The sausage only awaits burial.
Let's debase the sausage!

I feel like a million sausages.
A sausage short and a day late.
Another day, another sausage.
The almighty sausage is back.