I, Minimus Doctus, to You

I, Minimus Doctus, to You

imported and mislabelled by the mainland obscured by postmodern nothingness aluminum painted gold & no more miracles i, minimus, a metal cold from boiling water tell you an introduction to the new instruction

if i started anywhere i would get nowhere if i started nowhere and paid enough (twenty sand thou i would get here i could write anything and climb the steps of this bill ding! i could write an iffing and climb the step of his bill ding? i could write any thing but i can no longer write anything if i started anywhere i would get nowhere i would get this

but the thing i'm after is long gone (second time around sd, the whore! the whore! and there! (weak) ignorant calls stemming from the past (alas) flight (of the herd! unheard, o! jettison belief rub down o'er the windows; windows! the old windows the unfriendly windows reflecting the buchonan buchanal buchoral or all three threee at the same time enjoy! double pen iteration (somnambulistically enjoy!

going down milton street fifteen kilometers an hour two (2 in the morning i, minimus doctus, shout: olé! olé! olé! olé! olé! olé! to monsieur tournir to establish which font size and mar(gin looks the most like my hand writing digging myself deeper and deeper into the bacchanals of the quick brown fox that jumps and jumps & brings me more documents from which to sign off i threw a kitchen sink at the wall and got a degree

i, minimus doctus, maintain that the best minds of my generation don't give a flying fuck about the loathing of flight 574 because we need our flying fucks and the revolución in majiscule cum handbag & love ethereal i maintain that if you become unauthorised librarians of the soul i will buy you a delicatessen in stainless steel because that is what you need to meet your meat in the classless room and tell them all about @woodian fish and hooks and eyes doing what they do best staring eating the hollowed out corpse of carl solomon with their bondage gear flashlights on a new blakelight tragedy that not even chess surefire tail of revolutionary poetry can put out

stop. tentative masturseminar. semen-al. tender interrobang. go! how kealy raises a flag of free ov and hoovers over the pandemonium of the ensuing exchange of fluids ink wall to wall peer reviewed bandolier rouse and vessey steam up bunch-anan bee johnson gets his own from alexander math &donkey and all rouse forget the critical mass of bib &lie-o-graphy received rectally lesbos! lesbos! patterson and martineau in the decomposing crypts of crooked teeth then wieland and ricou and more more ass to mouth stewart briggs and chapman with baby oil lesbos for o!!

i, minimus doctus, query now tell me whoris whereis the tentative tangibility of tandem but fucking the author where is the lovely diss)course of the punctuatory conciliation of angry research research research oh you lovely loverly people that I love loving so much lowring lovetting and all that cal where all that matters i the holy! holy! holy! holy! amniotic fluid of stay awhile put some money down watch us roll over lawns and libraries engulfing freeze-peach by the minute with equine equity entrenching interpretation of world wall two put between the fiefties and now singsong and how thirty dollar alumni thrifty ears stay pricked

the town clerk of niijbraer county says facing me coming to your house from a better house must i take off my shoes and i say no why should you they all already soiled our soles so why bother ejecting matter though the tail end pipe to the colly jizz stay here upon the earth you and we as one know everything that it is not necessary to know everything to succeed whether to be an underling to the udner ling? that is o tired and bored or even thinking it's a good job or fixing parataxis at minimum wag

but! not all is lost and the candian flag of hier education waves proudly although i will recite the spleen of useless encylopaedaieadeioae when you motherothers tell me why chain someone down to prove a point if there is no free will ore choice in the cave there is no thrust in(k determination there why one needs to di-di-decompose something to find out why it was written even this is patent no-no-nonsense especially formatted to fit in your was is das deferens do knot worry friends i am on yore wave lang's ends

count it backwards! six hundred words just imagining it makes my nerves taut in all the wrong places se/iying hodgson and guy braying it on after years of unlikely vatican hat idiocy and those stupid colors (antigratulations to you too cock roaches in nuclear apocalypse too lazy to crawl out of the clock towers i too want to be with you there up high behind the stained glass and stained mattresses with a high powered something or the other (im guessing a sandwich looking at this and another saying two oclock on wednesday or maybe four does that work for you would you like to steal some office supplies engage in some circular log ich bins?

the important thing is to persevere in the knowledge that there is something elsie sinseriously hope as much as hope-on-a-rope lasts despite your soft pasts is such that yew veal real eyes that that which establishes is also that which does not do just teas oriental and what part you are of all the geat things you per form you my friends are here with me now content and form and the mynd's eye am born and free in a sense of a word despice long phrases and reticence to admit that nothing phases and thus solidified in my stool sample i will dissect you out of a long line of thought

and what of thought is that if at the drop of a hutterite hat flotsam every one of you drops down what of your crowns your mass degrees of thought out distillation; thought OUT! i wish you'd teach not sell your education but trying to change you lot is false to teach myself these meagre boring goals i shan't and though you ruled my past too long i on your own jambs march you through your walls don't worry this will pass and you will stay and every single gray and standard day with great faith and much greater a devotion you'll teach your sheep into the bloodless ocean of faith in th'omnipotent postmodern and chains of vice in ovid and in odin and sex in past in present and in dreams and that all nothing is and nothing as it seems presents itself in a deep guise bereft of meaning by long years of toil and so as to not spoil a cushioned seat averts and raises now its eyes and speaks itself into a new beginning that cannot stop despite requiring rest i, minimus, now put you to the test

and in the penultimate stanza he broke off and started walking as far away as he could walk to lest he himself be broken and he looked out to the halls that are all now painted white and he noticed that the windows had on bars and were lit bright and he backed out of the offices and trickled down the stairways swallowing the chairs and tables breathing paper through the airways and he rose up to the rooftop and he poured his heart on paper but the paper flew away so he was left there to taper down his anger at his faith in the language and the letters for the people that he trusted since they were to be his betters people that were meant to teach him of the tricks and trips of language and the people that then taught him how to fake a B+ paper yes that does not rhyme indeed as do not their own fat tongues that could feed them for a year in case of choking on their lungs for no breathing can be heard in the dark buchanal tower and more towers will be built more for power where to cower and the disassembled language brains ajar on the worktable will then die and be reborn because no hundred profs are able to exterminate completely even neatly or discreetly thought that things are simply written lovers eaten horses beaten and fantastic surplus meaning is not meaning but a leaning to an office where they're sorting useless copies of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of an essay that no sentiment in sentients arouses other than of course con-ferences and ever-bigger houses and now take off all your clothes it's safe the orderlies will meet you

i, minimus doctus, admit you