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Cappelbaum Judenstern

November 20, 2013

Aleksander Chmielnicki

Cappelbaum sleeps.

Cappelbaum dreams
that he is
fifty kilometres west
of Kraków
near the
confluence of the
Wisła and Soła

Cappelbaum thinks
"How did I
get here
how did I
end up
with this star
on my prison striped

         when he is
by the
of the door—
enter the
kapo & a
black uniform:

— Jest stolarz?
   then the gun
   comes out
— Sprich, Jude!
— Kurwa! Jest stolarz?
   then the man
   comes out

                 of the
— Häftlingsnummer?
— Eins-zwei-neun-eins-sieben.
— Name?
— Chmielnicki, Aleksander.
— Kommen Sie.
                     Exeunt all.

Cappelbaum thinks
of the man's thick striped
      & the upside
& the man's
gaunt face

Cappelbaum dreams
of his wide
open eyes
and the white
open skies
and die Natur's

Cappelbaum wakes.