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Thou and You

April 5, 2015

This is my translation of «Ты и Вы» by Александр Пушкин [Alexandr Pushkin].

I should add that Yevgeny Bonver and Dmitry Karshtedt's earlier attempt is deaf to both Pushkin's syllable count (89898998 in the original, 88888877 in the translation—particularly awkward in the last two lines) and his rhyme scheme (ABABCDDC in the original, ABABCDCD in the translation). My version rectifies these sins.

To Olga Sviatchenko

An empty you for heartfelt thou
She, in a slip of tongue, had taken
And all the dreams upon my brow
In an enamoured soul awakened.
Near her in thought still stand I now,
To take eyes off her I’ve no power
And say to her: aren’t you a flower!
And think: how much I do thee love!