the great vowel shift of 1974

why would a fish
at the end of a saxophone?

the busboy dips his tie
in the carafe
as a way of answering

this is an italian resto
but they speak spanish
in the kitchen

this is mere gastric
flagrante delicto
(do eat the garnish

there is no candle
on the table  but the flame
in me  flickers

perambulate at a trot!
everything's new
(my complaints are not

1. noisy neighbours upstairs
2. the phone doesn't work
3. no bathrobe or slippers
. stiff muscles
. sweating
. nausea
. vomiting
. diarrhea
. loss of appetite
. feeling unsteady
. headache
. trouble concentrating
. memory problems
. weakness
. fainting
. sore throat
. swelling of the tongue
. burning in the eyes
. skin pain
. skin rash
. cold symptoms
. stuffy nose
. sneezing
. drowsiness
. dizziness
. nausea
. feeling nervous
. increased appetite
. weight changes
. insomnia
. paranoia
. dry mouth
. fear of death
. fear of change
. fear of the unknown

my lips are so numb
that water

the spider-hand travels
the frets  the keys
syncopate  like molasses

a catechism by jazz
one endless pizzicato
asks me questions: am I

overwatering my lawn? am I
overfeeding my fish? am I
oversalting my food? am I
overthinking this line?