note to self

the canary was returned
to the store

on the intake form
I wrote: "upsets the wife;
not predisposed towards lou reed

the electric muezzin
changes notes

the steam out of window
the evagination of thought

the sign on the shop

makes the inside
the outside

game oven.
there will never be

a pair of jeans with a
reinforced enough

these are the things
i will miss of you
when I'm gone:

1. the heartrending innocence
with which you sometimes say
"panties  for my underwear

2. you  raising my long brown
hair  to blow on the back
of my neck  on a hot day

3. how (half asleep  you command
"turn around!  and hold on
for dear life

that day we walked
through the confused streets

speaking in tongues
and nothing but names
of swedish things