meticulous and necessarily comprehensive

Inspired by Rod Moody-Corbett

the past is alive
and I need to piss

rednecks at an airshow
stalker at the orpheum

adiabatic obduction
bluegreen or winedark

kingston or kensington
¿can I get a receipt

twenty thousand snips
(bit on the nose

I've had six gee and tees
and I'm still not there

but my head might just
head might adjust

is my symmetry any good
(it never ends

he shits  he scars

the morality of
consuming thought

overheard  (while I
cringe and look off

i want to pulp his face
into punch

these eight clear ones go
really well with the pain

a shock of hair
(as if hair could cause shock

the fall and rise of
mackenzie king in the window

we got along well
safe as houses on fire

she wanted the sky to mirror
my fear of the sea

she went somewhere
you can call someone over


every word  a little between
a caress and a growl

meanwhile here  fools gaze
shoebox apocalypse

i keep hoping their eyes
melt out their heads

but it passes  and
in skunked night air

i forgive them
and order another