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four poems: overheard thoughts

October 14, 2017

a couple walks
and talks

      once in highschool
      my friend's husky
      ran away one day
      came back pregnant

I pass the pumpjack
eyes follow me sometimes
i make a point to stare
(can i withstand their gaze?

over by the fountainhead
a purple-haired feminist
sociologist insists

      excuse me
      can I see your penis?

on robson street
a halfwit homeless shouts

      nigger fucking pigs!

she screams as she desperately tries
to pull on the chain
on her red touring bicycle

      nigger fucking pigs!
      get outta here bitch!
      I got HIV too you fucking pig!

on the way down home
near granville and drake
a graffiti consists of the words

      Sharon Tate Polanski