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the carrying across

January 3, 2020

my husband wakes me with his heft
tells me
            he's off to the gym
he opens the kitchen curtains

I turn over then  submerge again

centuries later he returns
  bearing hot liquids

  I accept
and listen to his bathroom machinations
as he

         revels in music and water

later we reconvene
and I negotiate with him his p'tit D.

he asks questions of me
                                    I try to consider
in back
appraise that which
                             his wont won't

  what can still be consumed
  what is still desired
  was geht mit was

(don't get me wrong
my husband's grateful for his daily bread

  but my heart grows brambles
  when he rambles and wanders and wanders and rambles

while here
  and bread

    I'm already planning
    his next three meals