canadian champloo

jazz cats
sleep until dusk
and then

the bar seats eight or so
but no more than six
ever come

shinya practices on the drums
tkt tkt tkt tkt
tkt tkt tkt tkt    TKT TSS!

shimizu plucks a single note
and looks out the window
with meaning

kamura-san cleans the keys
with a brilliant

he exchanges a knowing glance
with the drums
                       and they're off

the chain smoking tokyo man
nods his head
in perfect time

a deliveryperson comes
when they start
on my foolish heart

by the door
the dumbfounded gaijin

and nods
and nods
and nods    and smiles

in the break
he invites takako to sit
they talk

she goes up to sing
her voice a temple
dark and calm

all is good
she tells him
all is forgiven

three sets later
half past midnight
it's time to go

but no one goes quite yet
they drink a little more
they talk a little more

later he walks    no
he swings back
to the hotel