one minute to midnight

Fill one glass with water. At 𝅗𝅥, make a ding.

now 𝅗𝅥 now 𝅗𝅥 now 𝅗𝅥 now 𝅗𝅥 now

like people who place two spaces after
a period  this city must be destroyed

so what if the cheesecake is sour
so what if the sky is ensmog'd

don't cry  put your leg on my hand
and press down

when the acid rains fall  you draw

an outline of a beautiful eclipse
as we're led to doom like shoes to cobbler

the slow man sings in cursive in the kitchen
the quick brown fax  it is suddenly dark

love doesn't buy bread

if the stars can align ever so proper
i will suddenly see my moraic tongue

the love that's elephants
the cash that's donkeys

life in the riparian zone ain't easy

you get visions of burroughs in a trounced cloche
you sing odes while giving furtive handjobs to allen

you piss on hank and pass the branch to the yid
as the poet jumps over and under

birds of a feather feed on metal and leather

I am god knows where  on a chilly deck
with a view on a small green church

the salmon run  the water threatens to sunder
the dog a cushion now  then  later  nothing

she leaves the light on in the closet

she doesn't mean or she don't mean the worst
I'm forgetting the people I've slept with

she tells me  as i haunt her
the house bond as ghost

i've given all my curlicues to her

all my verbal tics  my titles
what's left  a bowl of screws

a cigarette  some coins  the still life of
a man who sneaks in traffic

the viciousness and virtue of our circles

she's walking backwards to the car
anusol for me  for her antipsychotics

some gifts to bridge the cultural divide
the old man smokes alone out back at night

she tells me there's a snake afield
so what  if she was off by one