abasement suite

Inspired by Namik Rujnic

as I exit the room
I turn off the sun

        the elk falls and falls
        like the glass that fills

  without cease
  the man of letters

              watches a carp
              ascend a waterfall

  we ought to speak soon
  Carthago delenda est

                upstairs  the beast
                with the perfect brows

        opens her third eye
        the fourth  the fifth

  a child in the form
  of a crab  teaches grass

how to keep nature
at bay with a blade

         downstairs  father
         plots the fall of man

         thoughts perennial
         and deciduous

and a chorus of ferns
describes l'effet de pluie

     l'effet de brume
     traces his linear descent

     on the windows a steel sun
    (an aid to remembrance and distinction

              that's a very yellow dress
              you're wearing

        I was asleep crossing that
        border  many years ago

my eye can trespass

                 the robin stirs
                 in the radiator grille

    a sharp nail (or shrapnel
    pierces the tongue

                 and suddenly you find
                 yourself in a grocherie stor

having tears

          it's the whiskey that makes you frisky
          it's the vodka that stirs your bodkin

          it's the gin that makes you sin
          it's the rum that makes you come

          it's the bourbon that draws the curtain
          and now

a lovely dance
in sight of the abyss

          rabbit hearts that beat
          like rabid hearts

   endless radium
   telephone toads

                     and Smyrna
                     ankles flash

        skirts flourish in the heat
        looks out over the fields

blesses all with fire