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terminal park beauty salon

July 21, 2021

Inspired by Michaela Hutfles

i have strewn this town with women
fragments of flailing   limned  disjointed notes
cicatrix sold by the pound

the flat corpse of a moulder'd hare
flies over the fence
the bird I'd killed on that road
comes for a spot

my smile folds inappropriate
(a pirate prop or a praetor pip
a pair topper or a pita proper

I greet the unfinished man
rolling through these ghostly hills
he teaches crows the hollow sounds of rocks
he listens to the rimlit bear

explain the englishman's river fall
by means of pivots and constraints
aporia causes his audience

to horripilate  then seek
another sound  haruspicy
suffonsified by two
tall slits of ophidian yen

obwohl der Schuster keine Füße hat
time heals all zounds  curtains burn
love minus love is still love