Cappelbaum Takes the Voight-Kampff

Inspired by Jessica Moritz

Cappelbaum takes the trash to the curb
letters inserted between brown
coffee filters and photographs

henceforth sorrow shall mean soupspoon
cattail shall mean perjury
table leg shall mean please  sir
may I have another

the wind  the mind opens and shuts
doors in this house
Cappelbaum rests

between labour and sleep
as the sun keeps the blades at bay
exposes the concrete
limits of work

though only ever
in a certain light
Cappelbaum writes

"it burns a little
when I pee
says tweedledum to

the hares come politely
to shear the grass
(no dutch courage at the dacha

Cappelbaum sans insouciance
sands walls  tables windows
takes care not to care
to not admire the door or its frame

the eyeball is slim enough to fit
he thinks  doth madneſse
make a sound  doth lonelineſse

Cappelbaum reaches under the sink
in a flourish tugs at the black
readies a clean bag