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fresh 'n' clean

November 25, 2021

I owe the title of the poem to the table cards at Brüd House written by Scott Henderson. I owe the nineteenth and twentieth lines to a discussion of DIY with Landon Meernik.

To Nina

in gardens of semiramis
legion seraphim lead cherubim
sample tender idle sodomy

they are tough and beautiful
they are okay with some shade

here in shingl'd ark
eye penetrates stonefruit skin
heady and dry  winedrunk

it tastes like pleasure and nausea
it touches like sodium and soil

feathers flit into view
does bird rot in wall
eye nicks my cheek  my faith bleeds

eye follows crimson tucktape lights
it judges each urge dark  each habit

it wonders if smile was too broad
if there is enough time to gather
all my dogs and wail

noncollapsed house is equity
noncollapsed house is prayer

eye considers nerves and fur and fear
(neither far nor firm  eye feels
eye shall go mad in this aisle

too dew list tells eye to inoculate
itself against noise with noise

offer something burnt to cement
worn desire paths of suffering
leave on stoop  snout spleen tail

promises are warnings
and then fly  fly