Iván thinks about feeding his dogs

To Rod Moody-Corbett

sound absolves  kettle wails
(not bells  nor tolls

Iván dons underpants of resolve
vision fills with

halftone patterns of face
leaf begins to unfurl

they light up menoráh in park
your adventure awaits  choose fun

writhing is antidote to Magnus
waiting without wanting  Iván thinks

I am love without words
I am become animals

inky fingered male men lunge
wave becomes bird

day has brought
I have wrought

right hand divorces left
I delay assignation to rains

early influence
stains skin  love is best

worn unwrinkled
summer swims in gouache

stand does body no under
its weight bolder  colder

when old rank falls
soft ground gives

weekend is good time
for discourse or frenzy

Iván is here  milling grains
black they fall and fall

he winks at you
just say when