Video Interrupted by Loud Rushing Water

Slowly but surly, ball does not roll; nib slips.
On my street, crows bark at dogs who caw in kind,
Fallen boughs for sale (ask if they have light) pricked
By a sharpish tune, license plate that states, "EAR."

Inevitable stenutation teaches life lessons by
Sampling secret disaster: Soul sickness from men
Pilfered and purfled from hyaline rain. It is my hope
That you are eaten by locals, shat out bon mot.

Recipe for Happiness
  • Harmony needs melody.
  • Mutts are stronger than purebreds.
  • If there are ghosts, you must greet them.

There is no turning point now, for every crime
Is born of passion. Tongue enters a crevasse
And exclaims exultantly. Monkey in freezer
Shrieks, "Happy Hanukkah! Piss on Earth!"

I grab rags, erase implicature's fine lace.
I mark my missteps set to reckoning with rain,
To slow, mournful hornpull of passing train.
The miracle did happen there.

For one begins like this, unchained, in grave,
And shuffles slowly over to the telephone.
What news outside? Bird flaps prehensile end,
But tells no tales.