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What about our date today?

Hi. Do you like sex in car?
I do! Very much so. I

Don't know if it is because
I lost my virginity

In car, but I have always
Loved it. It has to do with

Passion and rawness of it.
You don't have that much space, so

You must be agile to get
In as many positions

As possible. It also
Has something to do with smell.

Now, thing is, I do not have
Car. Do you? I have just joined

This site. I've been flooded with
Unserious guys who just

Want to chat and get pictures,
And so on. So here, I'm sure,

People mean what they say and
Keep their promises, so let's

Hook up. I will of course pay
For half gas, if you have to

Drive far to meet me. Should I
Be in dress, with no panties?

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